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What We do

We strive to help our K'Cho people from Mindat and Kanpetlet. Our goal is to maintain k'cho culture, re-create and re-develop k'cho writing system, leveling up education for k'cho youths, and to help create local development for our k'Cho people within these two towns. So far we have laid out some basic steps as our priority and we implemented them one by one. We have started several services and we invite every K'Cho to join us and make contribution for the benefit of K'Cho people. We had contributed for the re-creation of K'Cho literature, for the betterment of Education, for the preservation of K'Cho Culture, and for the relieve of recent natural disaster in Chin State.

International CEA

K’Cho Ethnic Association was established on September 2, 2012 in Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.A. Within a year of establishing CEAU, we are able to organize to form CEA international such as CEA Europe, CEA Singapore, CEA Malaysia, CEA Australia, CEA India, CEA Kalay, CEA Yangon and CEA Mindat. The purpose is to work together in creating local development for K'Cho land and people. International K'Cho Ethnic Association (ICEA) stands strong for unity and spirit. 


One of the main purposes of forming CEA is to uphold K’Cho Literature and language. In order to do this for K’Cho people is to re-invent K’Cho Ca and make it available in school system. With the contributions and help of international CEA, we are able to organize K’Cho Ca Committee in Mindat which oversees the creation and publication of K’Cho Ca. The committee also conducted training to people who then go to the assigned place and teach K’Cho Ca to the general public. International CEA has provided monetary supports for all those processes. In addition, there are individual donors who generously provided meals for all the participants in teacher training. K’Cho Ca is now learned in many different villages and even in schools. 


CEAU has been supporting high school students from both Basic High School (1) and (2), in Mindat and Kanpetlett. The goal is to help the students pass their high school exam while leaving the worries behind. Many high school students failed their exam due to financial strain and lack of supports. Some students had failed several years ending up their lives as farmers. Giving the necessary supports, we aim to increase the passing rate in both schools.


K'Kump Hti is a traditional new year celebration of K'Cho people. It is celebrated on the first week of April every year as handed down by fore fathers, and had been celebrated generations after generations for centuries. However, for many reasons there came a stop of this new year celebration as a whole and several years had passed. With the help of CEA, k'Kup Hti has come back alive and k'Cho traditional New Year celebration exist gain. 


Every year CEAU hosts soccer competition not only in the United States but also in Mindat and other countries to support unity among k'Cho young people. Surprisingly this creates not only the environment of close relationship among the youth but also supports the health of their body and mind. 


A recent natural disaster in Chin State destroyed many villages and bridges and had left many people homeless. People from most affected area even had experienced lost of food and water to survive. To support these affected people, CEA international had collected  money and sent it to Mindat CEA headquarter. Mindat CEA headquarter distributed the donated money to the most affected people.